Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation
2019 Board of Directors



Mike Harle, Chair
Nick Rajacich, MD, Vice Chair
Rex Bates, Past Chair
Amy Lewis, Secretary
Michele Cannon Bessler, MD, Treasurer


Rhonda Arnett
Robert Cooper, MD
Kelly Givens
Tory Green
Tammy Hall
Steve Hansen
Dianne Hargeaves
Jodi Herchold
Christian Mattson
Gloria Mayer
Judy Mork
Tuan Ngo
Peter Norman
Angie Osborne
Randi Powell-Johnson
Ronna Schreiner
Erin Shagren
Wendy Stricherz
Koree Wick
Melawati Yuwono, MD

Emeritus Directors

Donna Boulanger
Piper Cheney
Karen Lynch
James Morton

Ex-Officio Directors

Alicia Chapman - Executive Director, Mary Bridge Children's Foundation
Jeff Poltawsky - Mary Bridge President and Market Leader 
Dori Young - Vice President, MultiCare Foundations


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