MultiCare Health Foundation
2021 Board of Directors



Jackie Quisenberry, Board Chair
Tony Lindgren, Vice Chair
Dave McEntee, Past Chair
Carly Hansen, Secretary
Jeff Gellert, Treasurer



Robert Best
Ben Constance, MD
Phil Crook
Kevin Donovan
Tim Mansfield
Sue Mayer
Beverly McConaghy
Victoria McDonald
Kingson Momah, MD
John Purbaugh
Ed Ramos
Molly Rondeau
Keith Shipman


Emeritus Directors

Tina De Falco
William Holderman, MD
Don Johnson
Christine Michaud
Kent Roberts
Tom Taylor, Jr


Ex-Officio Members  

Tim Bricker
Senior Vice President, Chief Executive South Sound Region

Stephanie Cline
Executive Director, MultiCare Health Foundation

Sharon Oxendale
President and COO, Tacoma General

Dori Young
Vice President, MultiCare Foundations


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