Gifts of Stock

Are you an investor? Take an advantage of the tax benefits of giving a stock gift!

Do you know about the tax benefits to making stock gifts to your favorite charities? For example, if you purchased $5,000 worth of shares in a company in 1995 and those shares are worth $10,000 today, you would pay capital gains tax and Medicare tax on $5,000 if you sold and kept the cash from those shares.

However, if you transfer $10,000 worth of shares to a charity of your choice, you will pay no capital gains tax or Medicare tax AND qualify for $10,000 in charitable donation tax deductions. Tax benefits will vary depending on the details of your overall income tax situation, the type of property donated, and the type of organization that receives your gift.

Want More Information?
Contact us to learn more about charitable giving alternatives that may be a good fit for your personal financial situation. As always, work closely with your tax and legal advisors to determine how any particular strategy will affect your overall tax situation.

To donate stock, please contact:

Karen Burlingame
Manager - Foundation Data & Integration

Tax ID Numbers
Good Samaritan Foundation EIN/Tax ID 91-1514257
Mary Bridge Children's Foundation EIN/Tax ID 94-3030039
MultiCare Behavioral Health Foundation EIN/Tax ID 91-1514257
MultiCare Health Foundation EIN/Tax ID 91-1514257
MultiCare Inland Northwest Foundation EIN/Tax ID 91-1514257
South King Health Foundation EIN/Tax ID 91-1514257 


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