Health Care Exploration

Planning ahead for a career in health care

MultiCare supports the interest of community members in a health care career. The health care field offers a variety of opportunities that provide a very secure and comfortable future. Hospital and clinic-based volunteering, job shadowing and programs such as Nurse Camp for high school students all offer opportunities for those interested in a medical field career to explore their options.


Job Shadows: Job shadows are offered to current volunteers at many of our facilities and in many different units. We offer observation with nursing staff within our inpatient units at the following hospitals: Allenmore, Auburn Medical Center, Good Samaritan, Mary Bridge and Tacoma General. Other opportunities are also available at our outpatient clinics.

If you are seeking a job shadow opportunity as a school entrance requirement for a Radiology, Ultrasound, CT, Cath Lab, Respiratory Therapy or OT/PT program, please send an email to For more information about Job Shadowing at MultiCare, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For all other job shadow participation, applicants must first make a commitment to volunteer for MultiCare. If you are applying to volunteer in a hospital or clinic, we ask that you make a 100-hour commitment. This requires that you volunteer approximately four hours per week for six months. The amount of commitment will depend on availability of placement and the area you are interested in volunteering. HealthCareExploration2.jpg

Once a volunteer has completed the first 60 hours of their commitment, they will be eligible to job shadow in our system and can contact Alex Power for next steps. This level of commitment ensures that the job shadow candidate has a deeper understanding of health care, and will have a richer experience. Please do not use the online application system, as it is specifically for volunteer positions.

Nurse Camp: Exposes high school students (currently in their sophomore or junior years of high school when applying) to a variety of health care careers and the nursing profession through hands-on learning and job shadowing.

Learn more about Nurse Camp.


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