Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fundraiser can I plan?

Anything you'd like. Turn your favorite hobbies into ways to support care for kids at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital. Do you like running? Run 100 miles in 100 days to help sick or injured children get the care they need. Do you enjoy hiking? Hike to the top of a mountain peak to support healthy kids.

Getting married? Forget the traditional registry and ask friends and family to donate to Mary Bridge instead.

Celebrating a birthday or a special milestone? There’s no better gift than helping kids get the lifesaving care they need at Mary Bridge.

Mary Bridge Children's Foundation invites you to dream up creative and unique fundraisers.

What steps should I take to maximize donations?

Go first: Make a donation to your page. Others are more inclined to give when they see that you are dedicated to the cause.

Get personal: Add a photo and share your story on why you are raising funds for AHS.  By telling your story, your friends and family will feel more connected to the cause.

Send emails: Use the tools to send emails to your network of contacts, telling them why you are raising funds for our organization and make the ask for donations.

Get social: Let all of your friends and followers know that you are raising money and share why the cause is important to you.

Follow up: Did you know that it takes on average 3 asks to result in one gift? Once you have received a donation, don’t forget to thank your donor.

How do I spread the word about my fundraiser?

There are tools within your participant center that will assist you in emailing your contacts to announce your fundraiser and ask for donations. Consider sending an invitation for physical events. Use your social media networks to drive people to your fundraising page: create an event on Facebook and invite all of your friends to join or donate.

How much of my donation supports the cause?

100% of every dollar raised from your event will go directly to the cause you select! Funds raised do not support administrative costs.

If you need a list of programs or would like to discuss options, contact Danielle Brunson at or 253-403-1599 to get started.

Where do I send cash donations?

Please mail proceeds from the community fundraiser to:

Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation

PO Box 5296

MS: 409-1-PHIL

Tacoma, WA 98415

Please be sure to reference the name of your fundraising event and include the event organizer in a note with the event proceeds. We want to make sure we correctly credit your proceeds and acknowledge the support your event received.

Are contributions tax-deductible?

Mary Bridge Children's Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization (EIN/Tax ID: 94-3030039). Donations through this site are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS guidelines. Please consult with your tax advisor for further details.

Can I use donations to cover event expenses?

No, once funds are received by the Mary Bridge Children’s Foundation they cannot be used to cover event expenses.

Additional questions?

Contact us anytime at