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Team Eldorado

Fellow travelers – Buck James here.

Jim Drago, Len McWherter and I have agreed to establish an annual cycling-based event beginning in 2019 known as “The Ride to Eldorado.”

“Over the Mountains of the Moon, Down the Valley of the Shadow, Ride, boldly ride” the shade replied, “If you seek for Eldorado!” EAP

For the 2019 event, we have chosen the Mary Bridge Children’s Courage Ride (MBCC) on 24-25 AUG 19. The MBCC ride is a fund raiser and rest assured that 100% of funds raised support children and families at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and Health Network. This year, you can choose between two critical funds for Mary Bridge: Child Abuse Intervention Department (CAID) or Where the Need Is Greatest. You can research each option once you sign up.
I have already established “Team Eldorado” as a friends/family team for the ride. I am requesting that you commit and join the team through the website no later than 15 FEB 19.

Very good news - the ride has returned to familiar ground, but is now two-days ride vice three-days. Day 1 (24 AUG) starts 0700-0800 in Cle Elum, WA and goes to Leavenworth over Blewett Pass with three rest stops along the way. This is the old day 2 route those who have done the courage before will know and love. Total Mileage for the first day is 59.1 miles with an Elevation gain of 3,182 feet. Day 2 (25 AUG) starts 0700-0800 in Leavenworth, WA and goes back to Cle Elum but this time over Old Blewett Pass with three rest stops along the way. Total Mileage is 57 miles with an Elevation gain of 3,908 feet (2 less miles, but an extra 726 feet of elevation). We all start together each day, but each person rides their own pace. At the end of each day we gather again for group activity (visit to the river, etc.).

Our internal team planning will commence on 16 FEB for logistics (timeline, billeting options, gatherings, shipping your bike, etc.). There are already several courses of action in development including activities prior to and after the actual ride. More to follow once we have a roster, and yes, it will likely follow a 5-paragraph OPORD with EXCHECK and SYNCHMAT. Note: In the past, non-riding spouses, significant others, and/or family spectators have organized events (short local bike rides, hikes, shopping) while their riders are on the course and then link up at the summit rest stop for lunch and then again at the finish. I believe Trisha, Laura, and Laure plan to do the same again this year. More to follow.

We will commission a Team Eldorado Jersey for this ride which will only be available to plank holders. Also, by demand, Saint James’ Ale Works will brew special beer for the event - most likely 5 gallons of a Belgian Saison and 5 gallons of a Brut IPA. Both will be named at a later date (and they will not be named by Drago…).

Until Valhalla - Ride boldly ride,
Motherbuck (a.k.a. The F-bombadier)

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About Mary Bridge Children's Hospital

For more than 60 years, Mary Bridge has been a not-for-profit hospital that has counted on support from the community to fulfill its mission of providing care to all children, regardless of a family's ability to pay. Learn more at


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