Come Walk With Me 2022

Never lose HOPE

Our team is choosing this walk because it's a simple way to give back and show our support for current & past breast cancer patients . Breast cancer can occur in women & men . There are about 15 different types of breast cancer that includes different treatment. These treatments can be very hard & challenging for patients. From lifetime medications, to chemotherapy , radiation, surgery , ongoing appointments.  It doesn't stop simply when the cancer is removed .  A patient has several appointments with their cancer team , MRI , CT scans , numerous mammograms for years if not their lifetime.  The least we can do is walk and help raise funds for the cause. Multicare's Walk with me funds raised all 100% go to the program to give back to cancer patients at Good Samaritan Cancer Center. 

We walk to show our team Captain support . She  became a Breast cancer warrior October 2020.  The journey has not stopped, currently the cancer is gone but still has weekly - monthly- every 3 month appointments depending what Dr. she has to see for the long term of the cancer journey.  The goal is that NOONE EVER FIGHTS CANCER ALONE!!!! This is not a journey one can do alone .  I encourage you to donate to the cause,  share the link to friends and family or come walk with us . We would love to have you . Our team is open to anyone who wants to want  

Come Walk With Me to make a difference in on our community.

Come Walk With Me to ensure that every newly diagnosed breast cancer patient at Good Samaritan Hospital gets the necessary support and resources.

Come Walk With Me so no breast cancer patient will have to walk alone during their battle.


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At Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, we provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient health care services. As a private, nonprofit organization that does not receive general funding from any government entities, Good Samaritan Hospital relies on the financial support of the community to provide our growing health care services.

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