Mary Bridge DIY Community Fundraisers 2021

2021 Toys For Kids

Local dentist, John C. Winskill started Toys for Kids in 1990 with the intention of bringing Christmas to families in the community that are dealing with ongoing intensive care at home. Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and Health Center works closely with Dr. Winskill and his team in identifying those families, gathering gift lists for the children, and making that happen. 100% of the money raised goes directly toward buying gifts specifically chosen for the ill child and their siblings to bring them magical Christmas mornings!

To this date we have helped 1,657 families with 4,158 children and have raised $561,483. As we approach our 31st Annual Toys for Kids event we are looking forward to making this our best year yet and thank you for supporting us in this endevor. 

To learn more ways to help please contact Dr. John  Winskill or Jerri Brown,

Phone: 253-627-5433 Email:
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