Rules of the Road: Safety and Etiquette

Courage could not take place without the support and coordination of numerous local communities and agencies. We ask that all riders follow general road riding etiquette and rules to foster a safe environment for all involved.

Please download and review our Bicycle Safety and Etiquette Guide

For your safety, we'd like to remind you of a few key requirements:

  • Be conspicuous. Wear reflective gear and bright colors.
  • Follow the law. We are a Rules of the Road ride.
  • No personal Support and Gear (SAG) vehicles. This is extremely dangerous to your fellow riders as well as other drivers.
  • Be predictable. Familiarize yourself with the correct hand signals and group riding etiquette.
  • Ride ready. Check that your bike equipment is in proper working condition prior to event weekend, and don't forget to train!

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