E-Bike Requirements

E-bike class 3


Mary Bridge Children’s Courage welcomes experienced riders with E-Assist Bicycles to join the weekend adventure.

As a fundraising ride (not a race) our goal is to make this challenging ride accessible to as many riders as possible.  

Because of the differences E-bikes present relating to riding speeds and logistics, the Courage Safety Staff has the following expectations for those participating with an e-bike:

  1. E-bikes for this event are to be the pedal-assisted types. Known as Class 1 or Class 3, these are E-bikes that cannot move without pedaling. Class 2 E-bikes with throttles will not be allowed on the Courage ride.
  2. The Courage ride will present challenges to a newer E-bike rider who does not have experience with faster and long-distance group rides. If you are new to group riding, we suggest that you practice in shorter group rides with the many bicycle organizations in the Seattle/Tacoma area.
  3. An E-bike should not join a pace line unless it is with riders you train with, and at speeds your rider skills can safely handle.
  4. An E-bike should not aggressively pass other riders proceeding up hills or in adverse wind conditions. Please be particularly mindful of voice callouts when passing.
  5. You must ensure you have sufficient battery power to complete the ride without assistance from other riders or from SAG vehicles. During event weekend, be aware that many of the rest stops are in remote areas and that recharging may not be possible. Plan on being self-sufficient regarding battery power for the entire day.
  6. The Courage Safety Staff will monitor these and all aspects of Rider Safety during the ride and may adjust expectations to ensure that E-bike participation is safe and seamless for all riders.


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