Fundraising Advice

Create a Video

Film yourself asking for support. Explain to potential viewers why Courage and its cause are important to you, then direct them to your fundraising page. You can share your video on social media or text it to friends and family.

Write Letters

A handwritten letter adds a personal touch to fundraising. Write letters to your friends and family. Check in on them and tell them why you ride with Courage. Encourage them to visit your fundraising page and donate if they can.

Share Your Fundraising Page on Social Media

An easy way to fundraise is to share the link to your personal fundraising page on all of your social media accounts.

Share Existing Social Media Content

Use content that’s already been published to educate your audience about why you’re riding. Go to the Mary Bridge Children’s Courage Facebook and Instagram pages and reshare any post that resonates with you. Be sure to include the link to your own personal fundraising page when you post.


















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